For Humanity, by humanity

Portals are identical technology sculptures built in countries around the world. Connected to each other, they invite us to meet fellow humans above borders and disagreements. Portals are hosted by local partners such as cities and governments. If you are a city official or government representative interested in hosting a Portal, please click here.

“Each bird needs two wings to fly, each river needs two shores to flow - likewise a single Portal is not truly a Portal. It requires other Portals to exist.”

Benediktas Gylys
Joining the Fellowship creates a global impact by empowering more Portals around Earth. It enables voices from diverse cultures and countries to expand this collective artwork, which is dedicated to humanity, and built by humanity.

Fellows also receive more benefits from their participation, which are presented below. 
Bridge to a united planet @elimacabre
In its first stage, two Portals were privately funded by our founder Benediktas Gylys who conceived the project in 2016. In the second stage, cities and governments contributed resources to expand the Portals Network. In the third stage, Portals will expand to a diversity of places on Earth (such as little towns and remote natural sites) empowered by our global community of Portal Fellows.
Delivering Portal Sculpture #2 to Poland

how does it work?

Our goal with the Portals Fellowship is to enable pioneers who resonate with the mission to participate and to benefit from the expansion of the Portals Network. To join the Fellowship, we provide a limited number of certificates that people may acquire through a dedicated auction.

Fellowship certificates are unique and collectible, limited from 1 to 4000 for the first edition. They are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The earliest Fellows will have the lowest certificate numbers.

Certificates exist on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee authenticity and ownership rights. They can be acquired with ETH or credit card through our auction page. To gain all community benefits, which are listed below, you will need to keep the certificate in your blockchain wallet.
Do you feel the light? @elimacabre

Your Benefits as a Portals Fellow

1. Certificate

Fellows receive a unique certificate that is created from multiple artworks, reflecting the founding years of the project. They were contributed by artists who have been part of the creation process. 

@gedsia (heroe illustrations)
@elimacabre (illustrations)
@narijauskaite (Portal Pin design)
@robo1001 (soundtrack)
@socha_karol (design) 

2. Impact

Purchasing a certificate helps to bring Portals to little towns, large cities and natural sites of planet Earth. The contributions of our early pioneers will make this expansion possible.

3. Collect

With each new Portal opening, we are creating partnerships with unknown and well known artists. The resulting artworks from these collaborations will be distributed among certificate holders.

4. Access

Join community events, such as monthly community calls. You can also be a silent certificate holder and skip all calls and events (introverts welcome). 

5. Suprises

Live global meet-ups and various exciting partnerships are upon us during our great journey together.
Portals Team Close to Portal #1 in Lithuania

Continue to the auction to become a Portal Fellows

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