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Meeting humanity as it is, for the first time. Portals were born from a feeling that we humans have more to share than what separates us; and from a sense that we are all interconnected on this planet of ours. The roots of the project go back to 2016 and marked the beginning of a global movement in both the physical and virtual worlds.

"In 2016 I stopped believing that the success manual of our century deeply installed into my system will make me satisfied. After developing several online ventures I had success symbols to show and a painful lack of meaning to hide. Finally surrendering and sincerely admitting that I do not know anything about reality led me to a mystical experience where I felt oneness with all life on Earth for two weeks. 

After this experience I started seeing our world with different eyes and the default worldview which kept forcing me to see our planet through a lens full of narratives and filters became unbearable. I felt a deep need to counter polarising ideas and to communicate that the only way for us to continue our journey on this beautiful spaceship called Earth is together. I did not want to enter the ring and fight but to offer something with love and light."

Benediktas Gylys, Founder @ portals.org


Conceived by Lithuanian artist and entrepreneur Benediktas Gylys, the initial concept was shaped by a diversity of people coming together. Adding perspectives on design and engineering, the foundation for Portals was formed.


Bringing the concept to reality, Benediktas provided the majority of financial resources needed to build the first two Portals. Together with a team from the nearby VilniusTech technology university, both Portal sculptures were manifested in Lithuania.


The first Portals opened in May 2021, bridging the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and the Polish city of Lublin. Beyond inviting local citizens, Portals quickly spread online and in the press reaching hundreds of millions of people within the initial months of operation.


Portals are finally becoming a network with the launch of new Portals in New York City and Dublin. For the first time, the livestream moves beyond two cities into a rotation between multiple Portal locations. This achievement was enabled by years of invisible work by a growing team behind the project.


The global resonance of the initial Portal launches resulted in thousands of inquiries, comments and expressions of support. A movement formed that energized the project towards its next chapter of growth.


Moving closer to realizing the vision for the project, Portals are not only expanding physically - they are also expanding in the collective consciousness and in humanity's ability to contribute. Inviting a community of pioneers, the Portals Fellowship was born.

meet the team

Benediktas Gylys
Ringailė Papartytė
Nicolas Klaus
Nicholas Perillo
Jonas Hansen
Joe Callahan

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