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Portals are built at notable locations around the world where they are freely accessible to the public. We seek a diversity of locations, from large metropole cities to rural towns and natural sites. Each Portal can be considered an award to highlight and share your unique city and region.

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As a member of the Portals Network, you are part of a unique community, creating and co-owning a first-of-its-kind, global artwork. More than an artwork, Portals are a platform to build relationships and to join ongoing viral events in the physical world and online.

What we are looking for

Portals are located in selected cities and landmarks around the world where they are freely accessible to the public. We typically work with municipalities, NGOs, foundations and private organizations to fund and develop this unique global artwork.
Portals are more than physical sculptures. They are a movement that exists in the collective consciousness and receive millions of views every month. For many of our partners, Portals bring more awareness to their city than anything else. By joining the Portals Network, you are on the same table together with all our partners, creating opportunities for new relationships and initiatives.
How can I get involved?
The Portal Network will achieve its full potential when people from around the world contribute and co-create this artwork. At the moment, we can build a maximum of 6 new Portals per year in order to fully dedicate ourselves to each new location and ensure the sustainable expansion of the network. We are open for partnership inquiries but please mind that our small team has limited capacity and we can therefore not respond to all proposals. We are grateful for your positive energy and support, and we invite you to join the journey on our social media channels.
Where can I find Portals?
Portals are built all over the planet, in large cities and remote villages. All Portals are accessible in the public space at notable locations, such as central city squares and cultural and natural landmarks.
Do Portals have audio?
Portals invite us to meet above language barriers and connect using the only global language known to all humankind: body language. We believe that by adding more features we are taking away from the essential experience that Portals offer. Therefore, they provide a purely visual livestream.
How do Portals connect to each other? 
Portals connect to each other through a 24/7 livestream that is frequently rotating between locations, thus providing a window between far away places and cultures. We seek to provide equal screen time for all locations - whether they are large cities or small towns.
For how long do Portals exist at a location?
Each Portal is a technology sculpture that is built to last for centuries. We seek long-term partners to co-create the Portals Network, which is an alive and evolving global artwork.
What is the purpose of Portals?
Portals are a global network inviting us to meet fellow humans above borders and third party narratives. They provide a 24/7 window to different cultures from around the world and serve as a space where we can meet people outside of our social bubbles - people who we would otherwise never meet during our lifetimes.

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